Our cozy restaurant in the South Hall is open for lunch every weekday 11.30-13.30. In connection with selected concerts and events, we are also open in the evening, when ticket buyers are informed of the current menu. It is also possible to book the restaurant for an event, mingle or dinner.


We serve lunch on weekdays and offer meat, fish and vegetarian options. There is also a large salad bar, bread and butter, soup, water and coffee.

Email us to book a table for lunch!

Daily or vegetarian: 135:-
Fish of the day: 155:-:

Meny vecka 12

Köttfärslimpa med kokt potatis, rårörda lingon, pressgurka och persiljesallad
Flæskesteg med rostad potatis, rödkål, äppelmos och morotssallad
Bogstek med potatisgratäng, rödvinssås, morot & broccoli
Bibimbap med basmatiris, karré från hållbarhetsgris, gochujang-glaze, stekt ägg, vårlök och kimchi
Kycklingschnitzel med stekt potatis, kryddsmör, skysås och en sallad på ärtor & persilja

Fisk måndag-onsdag
Dagens fisk med kokt potatis, dillsås, rädisor, citron och en sallad på fänkål & ärtskott

Fisk tor-fre
Fish & chips med mushy peas, tartarsås, citron och dill

Vegetariskt måndag-onsdag
Bakad aubergine med friterad broccoli, tahinisås, parmesan, frö-crunch, ägg och en örtsallad

Vegetariskt tor-fre
Stekt ris med morot, kål, sichuan-glaze, bok choy, stekt ägg och en sallad på koriander

Vill du ha veckans meny i din mejlkorg varje måndag morgon?

Theatre menu

In connection with most concerts and events at Slagthusets Teater, we offer freshly baked pizza slices in the bar, which is adjacent to the Theater.

Tomato, mozzarella, basil

Creme Fraiche, Goat cheese, Honey, Walnuts & Arugula

Tomato, Mozzarella, ‘Nduja, Salami & Parmesan cheese

We always open 1.5 hours before the show starts. The food is taken at a mingle table.
At selected concerts and events, it is possible to book a table with seating and pre-order food. This is stated as information in the email sent out on each occasion. The evening’s menu is also presented then.


In Södra hallen you find our beautifully decorated restaurant, with rustic stone floors and brick walls. The restaurant can be rented during the evening, and if you want to know more about the conditions of the room and see pictures, click here.

In connection with public events, we sometimes have open up during the evening, and it is then possible to book a table and food. Information about the menu and opening hours will be sent to those who have bought a ticket for the event in question.

Just outside Södra hallen we also have a large outdoor terrace.