• Backpacks, tote bags, gyme bags and other larg bags are NOT allowed in the venue. We offer no storage for bags. We refer instead to the storage boxes at Malmö Central Station.
• Smaller purses are allowed (max 25×20 cm). Please note that your bag may be subject to a search before entering the venue.

Exceptions can be made for medical purposes. Rules subject to change.


We have three entrances, which are always indicated on your ticket.
Navigationsgatan 4 – All public events in our theater
Jörgen Kocksgatan 7 – Large entrance from the west side.
Carlsgatan 12 E – Entrance to our restaurant and public events in our market hall.

Opening hours

Our lunch restaurant is open every weekday 11.30-13.30, see the restaurant’s page for the menu and any different opening hours.
Opening hours for our events differs depending on the event, go to our event calendar to see the time schedule for your event.

Parking facilities

Parking spaces are available in the garage under Slagthuset, as well as in several nearby places close to the house.

Postal address:

Carlsgatan 12 E
211 20 Malmö