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For organizers of concerts and live performances

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The theatre seats 921 people. The stage is 12×16 meters, and the venue is popular for all genres of music, stand-up and lectures. For events in the theatre we offer a manned cloakroom, bar and pizzeria. Backstage there are four dressing rooms with seating for up to 20 people. Entrance from Navigationsgatan 4 for audience, and from Navigationsgatan 2 for load-in.


For larger concerts we offer Saluhallen, with capacity for up to 1500 standing people. Often used for standing concerts, as we also build cloakrooms and bars adjacent to the venue.


For the more intimate events, our restaurant is the perfect place, and here we have capacity for 180 seated and around 300 for both standing and seated audiences. Popular for stand-up, jazz or singer-songwriter evenings.